Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

For my first male model story in Pashioncase, I was looking for a really special person, somebody with an amusing passion and with an interesting personality. So, there I was inside an office of Bananas Models in Paris, a place with a nice light, everything in white colors, a computer in the desk, a beautiful continuous light, a background and 3 chairs; everything inside a typical parisian building from the 19th century. I was waiting for the models of the casting that Guillaume (the friendly, working and kind booker) had prepared for me.

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase

Nicolas appeared with his crazy light yellow hair which reminds me one of those powerful Japanese Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z , his soft voice, relaxed way of being and enthusiasm for his artistic projects. We started talking about him, about Pashioncase and very quickly I found out he was an artist who wants to generate shocking reactions on the public through his art  as he told me during our chat.

This french model, 23 years old, who’s studying graphic design whose passion is to paint and specially to do sexual illustrations, most of them are orgies, some of them are literal and some others are more abstract forcing the viewer to make an effort to see deeply inside to find out the sexual party that lives in them. He also does nudes of people most of them painted in a white background with a black pencil and also press edition and visual identity pieces. You can see his work on his website

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

In the other hand he will also start studying theater at nights, to become an actor, although he has already done his first role in the film “Like Cattle Towards Glow” by Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley where Nicolas will play the main character of one of the four stories the movie will have appearing totally nude during some of the scenes.

When I asked him what would he do if money wasn’t an issue and he could do whatever he wanted in life, his answer was: “I would want to have the power to see through the walls to check the private life of people in every building of the city, to be like a little mouse that can sneak under the doors of the houses, I’m a very curious person” an unexpected answer, with some dyes of innocent voyeurism  that exemplifies the creative mind that lies inside Nicolas.

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase

Nicolas Hau for Pashioncase – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

After having all this information about his passions, I immediately  had the idea of creating a visual story where Nicolas  would live inside of his own artistic world and more specifically inside of his illustrations. I called the story “Searching for Inspiration” where you will see the illustrations of Nicolas surrounding him all the time and at the end himself living inside of them.

About his fashion style he likes the classic typical french style but with a crazy or funny touch which my partner stylist for this shoot Sophie Ostrowski brought to life for the story by using brands like EachxOtherNo Ka’OiÊtre CecileHarmonyZara, Ralph LaurenIsabel Marant and Obey New York.

I’m sure Nicolas will grow big inside the artistic world if he keeps that emotion and desire to express through art what he feels and thinks about the topics he is interested; he already has the talent, the aura, the creativity and the vision of a real artist, so the only thing that remains is to work hard to reach his dreams.

Wishing him the best of luck for his career as an artist model, here is the fashion story of Nicolas Hau:  “Searching for Inspiration”

Styling: Sophie Ostrowski – Photography by LACuellar

Directed/Written/Shot  by LACuellar – Styling/Designer:  Sophie Ostrowski – Edited by Mystic Colors – Music Amentia

Remember I’m interested on shooting the person living inside the models by showing one important part of their lives: their passion, all with a natural way (no make up, no hairdressing, no skin retouch). So if you are or you know any model with an interesting passion, personality and look, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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JESSICA CONZEN BACKSTAGE – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2015

Pashioncase is about showcasing passion stories around photography, fashion photography and fashion, so the first story to showcase must be one full of those characteristics and that´s why the case of Jessica Conzen is the best to start with. Her life story is full of interesting overtones that she accomplished to translate into her collections which attracted my attention immediately from the first time I saw her work.

A half German, half Peruvian young fashion designer, who studied in ESDI en Mallorca and right after finishing the school she creates her own high fashion brand. Some time after decides to go Paris to study a Master at the Instituto Marangoni where she gets in contact with the Parisian fashion environment and works for houses like Stella McCartney, Maison Martin Margiela and H&M.

Her last collection Stylagalmaic was just launched last week at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid and when you take a look at it, you understand how she managed to put her intercultural life experience on every thread of her work where the original peruvian wool and leather are mixed to create pieces inspired by the architect Zaha Hadid. It’s the encounter between the traditional of her peruvian roots with the sophistication of the german style and the geometrics of the architectural influences…. a mix that I just love.

She breaths passion for her brand on every one of her pores, so much that when you talk with her you feel on her eyes that strong internal energy that drives her to develop all her concepts, dreams, ideas and visions into her work.

When she honored me by proposing to do the backstage for her collection at the MBFWM I immediately said yes!  not only just because I loved her collection but mostly because I love to work with people who has been brave enough to follow their passion in a world where that´s not the usual trend and for sure she’s one of those examples… I’m sure this is just the beginning of a successful career of a new fashion star.

Jessica Conzen STALYGALMAIC AW 15/16 Backstage

So here is the backstage from Jessica Conzen new collection Stylagalmaic launched at MBFWM last week, I hope you enjoy it!!!

Jessica Conzen STALYGALMAIC AW 15/16 Backstage




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