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Blurry Eiffel Tower – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

If I have to pick a word to describe me, I would say “Passion”… there is no possible life for me without that word. Throughout  all my live I’ve been driven by this concept, this internal calling to do what gives you profound joy in your live, keeping your mind and soul with such a powerful burst of energy just waiting to be poured into the next minute of you journey. 

The point is that in our societies we’ve been taught since babies that we should not listen to our inner voice of passion but to do what is meant to be: make realistic, rational, conservative decisions to have a “Good” life which means that finding your passions and living for them in a rational world sounds like a crazy option. We grow up in a society that fills our brains and souls with Fear to what we have made the most important God of our era: Money, which completely blocks our ability to make decisions based in who we really are.

Self Portrait - © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

Self Portrait – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

When I grew up and had the opportunity to start making decisions about my own live,  of course I made them with fear to this modern God and found myself making “realistic” decisions to be save, so I became an industrial engineer who accomplished 12 years of experience working in sales and marketing in different multinational and national companies in my country but at the same time having inside this bittersweet taste that I wasn’t following or even knowing my real passion… this stage of my live lasted for 17 years.

The good news are that this candle of passion never turned off inside of me and one day life allowed me to find it, face to face,  in the most unthinkable and unexpected way and then I discovered Photography. From that day on, the little flame that was still lighting inside of me just exploded on fire, burning out all my rational life pre conceptions and opening again a passionate vision of what my live should be. Two years after,  I quit my  formal job as sales manager of a company in Colombia, sold everything that I had and decided to come to Paris to follow my inner flame and become a professional fashion  photographer.

Tribal Invader Editorial – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

At the end, what we should have been taught as Childs is not to live a life with money as a goal but to live a life with money as a consequence of working in what you love. So, if you are passionated about photography, fashion and life career changing, you’re are very welcome to be here and share your experiences about those topics and  If you’re not into this topics you are also welcome to pass by and say hi… I love to meet people!!!

My final goal at the end is to share with you my life experiences as a normal person with all the good and bad things that come with it. I’m not pretending to be a Guru, Mentor or Super Human that on these days are advertised everywhere, maybe my goal is just to be the storyteller of my path…..maybe  my experiences could  be somehow helpful for you one day.

Enjoy the ride and keep your inner vision wide open!!!

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