2 thoughts on “People of Paris

  1. Querido Luís ,

    ” A photo is usually looked at – seldom looked into.”
    ~ Ansel Adams
    1902 – 1984
    I appreciate your posts. You are a true shining inspiring gem. The best of the brilliant examples I’d expected to find at Spéos. Your insights are thoughtful authentic and offer the opportunity for anyone to reconnect with him /herself, and carry on in each her or his own light, as is the way. Your photos offer the opportunity to step into a moment in timeless time – past present and future …as human beings do repeat their patterns often (repeated, yet one of a kind) – always providing opportunity to feel free to learn and to grow, and to appreciate one another. Merci.


    • Wow wow wow Aurore, thanks a lot for all those kind, beautiful and generous words! I ´m really happy to know that my pictures offer you all those feelings and thoughts….I´m still dumbfounded after reading your post 🙂 Big hug Aurore!!!


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