Warsaw Mercedes Benz Fashion Weekend

© L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

Last weekend I was invited by fashion designer Jessica Conzen to the fashion weekend in Warsaw. This was a new opportunity to see a new city, meet new people and share another adventure with Jessica, I’m really thankful with her for this opportunity, thanks again Jessica Conzen!!!

Warsaw was a city that intrigued me a lot, I’ve never been before in eastern Europe countries, so I had the idea in my mind of a city with this old Soviet Union look and ambience. All due to the old pictures I had in my mind from that era, to be more descriptive: a lugubrious, dark ,cold, colorless visual memories were the ones that seized my mind with the name of Warsaw.

Warsaw Mercedes Benz Fashion Weekend

© L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

Fortunately life is full of surprises, those big ones that everybody love to have and even more when I had my head full of mistaken visual ideas about Warsaw. What happened was that I discovered a hidden treasure in Poland… Warsaw is the most beautiful, colorful, welcoming and luminous city I’ve ever seen in Europe. I was completely astonished with the friendliness of the people, it’s a city that seems to be painted with a magical colorbox, with a delicious offer of typical restaurants and the cherry in the pie is the beautiful women that appear in front of your eyes everywhere!!!.  So if you haven’t been in Warsaw and were not planing to go, I strongly advice you to included in your next trip.

In the other hand the fashion weekend was very interesting, there were many different designers from Poland and easter Europe countries like Eva GrygoChatty,  L.Rousseau Urban CoutureRina CossackDawid TomaszewskiŁukasz Jemioł and some other international ones like Natalia Rivera, Custo Barcelona and Leyre Valiente. It was the first time Mercedes Benz organized a fashion in weekend in Warsaw and the experience was very interesting to see what’s going on in this side of Europe.

© L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

© L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

This time the experience with Jessica Conzen was intense, we were busy since 6:30 am the day of the show, she was all the time concentrated in preparing the show with the most professional polish assistant she could ever had: Monika Pod and me going around all the event capturing what attracted my attention. At the end, I just have to say that as always Jessica Conzen´s show was marvelous, I really had fun working in this backstage merged with so many different designers in an small space.

I tryed to cover the event in a different way, being in backstage and also in the catwalk, trying to show what was going on from my point of view, trying to show more about the whole story of what goes on in one day of a fashion weekend. I was really blessed to have such a great light the day of the show: there were these huge 5 meters long windows that allowed a waterfall of light to come in and touch everything to make it more interesting, so here are the pictures and I hope you enjoy them!



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