Lise Olsen for Pashioncase

Lise Bjørgen Olsen for Pashioncase

Lise Bjørgen Olsen for Pashioncase – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

When you meet Lise the first thing that you receive is a burst of good energy that strikes your soul immediately, no matter the mood you had the minute before, I’m sure the next second after saying hi, you’ll be connected with that positive flow of energy she has.  It’s like if she had a connection with “Freya”, an ancient nordic goddess from the wild lands from where Lise comes, a goddess of love and beauty, who was also associated with nature, animals, wild places and unseen realms. Lise is a 24 years old Norwegian from IMG Models Paris, who started modeling at the age of 20 and did it for 2 years in a row, then she took a break of other 2 years and now she came back to modeling again. What she loves the most about he work  is to be able to travel frequently and also the opportunity to be in the middle of a creative environment, which she feels feeds her a lot. Her style is a mix of many things, as she said: “a little bit of rock music, Harley Davidson in a road trip, the parisian fit lady and something from levis“, it’s a wide creative mix of trends that we tried to put in our shoot for her! at the end what she really loves is to have a very natural style that allows her to be confortable everyday…I guess the close contact with nature she has back in Norway is a big influence for that.

Lise Bjørgen Olsen for Pashioncase

Lise Bjørgen Olsen for Pashioncase – © L.A. Cuellar, All Rights Reserved.

She is passionated about veganism, nutrition and nature with a really high conscience about taking care of her body and the environment that surrounds her, all that  from a point of view that makes you feel  she is talking about it in almost a spiritual way. She started this natural path as a vegetarian for 2 years and then she became vegan for the past 3 years, which makes you understand that she’s serious about her passion. You can perceive that she has a strong connection with our planet and it’s reflected on her livestyle by applying veganism in a strict way: she only eats vegetables and fruits and when she is sick, you’ll never see her talking artificial medicines, she prefers to use the power of natural medicine and of course she can give you a very professional speech about why you can find everything you need to live a healthy and peaceful live by being vegan, so If you really want to meet a real one, she’s the person you want!!! Lisa is also a lover of Paris, for her the city is really inspiring and gives her “the feeling of being inside a black and white movie all the time, no matter where you look, you always find a place to explore or to take a picture, you always want to see what is in the next corner… it has such an atmosphere and romance that you can be alone and you feel you’re loved by Paris” and I definitively agree with her. To my final question about what she would do if money wasn’t an issue and she could do whatever she wants tomorrow, she gave me an answer that you guys should read carefully because you might want to make her dream come true! she literally said: “I would get a Harley Davidson and a handsome man, leave and just travel, yea! backpack all around the world with no restrictions” what a sense of freedom Lisa can makes us feel! So, of course we went to a very natural location for the shoot and here is the result of our sunny, full of nature and loaded of peaceful feelings time with Lise Bjørgen Olsen… enjoy!

Styling/Designer: Jessica Conzen – Photography by LACuellar

Directed/Written/Shot  by LACuellar – Styling/Designer:  Jessica Conzen – Edited by Mystic Colors – Music Bioscape

And remember!!! I’m looking for new faces in modeling with an interesting pashion story to showcase here, so if you are one or know one, please send me a submission to my email: Cheers!!!

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